The 10th and sadly last took place this week in Bangalore. I was there for all three days of the conference and it was great. This time around we were 6 students from my college. In addition, at the last minute a lot of KDE developers did turn up, including Vishesh Handa, Pradeepto, Abhishek and Sujith. Danese Cooper’s opening talk about the architecture of Wikipedia was inspiring. That one of the top 5 websites in the world, is powered by just 450 servers and 60 people is an inspiring tale of open source skill and passion. Day 4 and 5 day 4 gave me a chance to attend quite a few talks. In the morning Girish Ramakrishnan and Prashanth had a open session for anyone interested in Qt, so I got a few things clarified about MVC in Qt, and had a quick introduction to QGraphicsView ( I haven't got around to trying it yet ). Then I spent the afternoon compiling trunk, again with repeated power failures, until I finally had a really great KDE desktop. Day 3

This was KDE Project of the Day at This was best captured by Sujith, so you should go there. My slides “My next KDE application” Day 2

( Forgive the past/present tense conflicts ) My computer started behaving oddly ( again ) today. It has a tendency to randomly shut off once in a while. I'm not sure if it is due to over heating or some issue with the power supply. This is interrupting a lot of my compiles or svn updates. The rest of the KDE dev gang arrived today — Akarsh, Prakash, Sujith and Kashyap. Day 1

( This series of posts was published on 6th Dec 2009, but written almost daily ) Today was the first day of and although getting to the place was a bit of a hassle due to everything new, I did get there on time. A great opening by Atul Chitnis formally started Chana masala was the first thing on my mind after that since I hadn't eaten in hours.