Dear Shreya,
02/01/2017: I am sorry I was such a jerk the first couple of days in Norway.
22/10/13: Long time no update, but I want to see you fast!
8/10/12: When the little bluebird
Who has never said a word
Starts to sing Spring
When the little bluebell
At the bottom of the dell
Starts to ring Ding dong Ding dong
When the little blue clerk
In the middle of his work
Starts a tune to the moon up above
It is nature that is all
Simply telling us to fall in love

And that's why birds do it, bees do it
Even educated fleas do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love

27/7/12: Arey princess! How was your first week of college? I'm coming soon, and I love you.
I want to sit with you and touch you and talk to you as much as I can!
29/6/12: I knew you'd see this eventually! 9 month fool! :P
15/6/12: I read some of our chats from may, I went all senti the way I do when I'm rubbing your hand. I miss you princess, and this is so hard! I'm just complaining, don't worry, I'll be strong. Nachiket is such a fantastic kid right now, I just hope he grows up to be super.
5/6/12: Dearest Shreya, Please do one thing for me. Actively take steps to make all your dreams into reality. Take initiative, create stuff.
P. S. I don't mean to say you aren't already doing it.
16/5/12: Nikhil and Shreya sitting in a Crossword-y, K-I-S-S-I-N-G :P
13/4/12: Today you are far too beautiful. Seriously. Better than a peacock. Softer than a rabbit, wonderfuller than a rainbow.
28/3/12: Princess: here is your surprise.
To compile and run:
make install (not sudo! then enter your sudo password when it asks)
I hope you like it :) But you've to agree it is stupid!
27/3/12: My beautiful damsel with billowing skirts and hair and dainty steps, tomorrow is the day! I don't have any big plans, but I do have a small but stupid (and it will eventually become annoying) gift.
26/3/12: Just in case you thought I might have any hints here about Wednesday, I don't :P

I think you are an amazing girl.*

*Since you told me you visit this sometimes, I'll keep updating it :)