Installing node.js on the Raspberry Pi Archlinux

My Raspberry Pi arrived a few weeks ago and I had some problems with getting node.js to build on it. This post is specifically about building node.js from source on Archlinux. All activity and commands in this tutorial are run on the Raspberry Pi, either via SSH or physical keyboard. It is possible to cross-compile on your laptop/desktop for ARM, but I preferred not to in this case. Prerequisites Have the base-devel group installed, you should have a working gcc and friends, along with openssl and zlib.

Installing Arch linux on the HP DV6910TX

This is a record of my attempt to put Arch (2008.06 Core Dump) on the HP DV6910TX. Here is my system configuration Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 @ 2.00GHzRam : 3GBNvidia GeForce 8400M GS with 256Mb dedicated memory320Gb harddiskPartitioning Here was my original partitioning scheme: C: 308GbD: (Recovery) ~10Gb Make sure you create your HP Recovery Discs first! Since the arch install CD doesn't have ntfsprogs ( it has the packages, but not as part of the setup boot ), I booted from dreamlinux (you can use any liveCD) and used ntfsresize to shrink the C: (/dev/sda1) to 35Gb.

Nikhil meet Archlinux and KDE4

I've been home (Mumbai) this weekend and have been hacking away for the last two days to get Arch running on my external HDD, since I can't stand Mandriva anymore. The cool thing about Arch and Pacman is their flexibility. Following this guide I was able to install Arch from within my internal hdd arch, and have all the latest packages (including KDE 4.1). There was only one problem which wasn't mentioned.