GMail Notifier on an Arduino

The exams are over and I've been hacking a bit on the Arduino today. So I came up with a simple hack which blinks an LED on the Arduino if you've got unread mails in your Gmail inbox. I assume that you're familiar with the basics of Arduino. Equipment A computer with an internet connection Python pySerial Arduino ( I'm using Duemilanove ) Red LED Pushbutton (optional) Wires On the computer

Techfest 09 and the Arduino

I was in mumbai over the weekend, attending Techfest 2009 at IIT Bombay. Techfest has been a large and great event for many years now, bringing cutting edge technology to students and holding great lectures by iconic people in technology. Me and three of my friends went specifically to attend the Physical Computing workshop by Keyur Sorathia, an interaction designer. This was my first foray into hardware hacking, mainly because hardware components are not so accessible in India.