Why you should be at is happening in Bangalore from 9th-13th March. This is a golden opportunity for students to have fun and learn some really interesting things that no college or class can teach. It is also a chance to form friendships that last forever. If you don’t like long posts: here is the gist. Short term benefits – a great time and a cool t-shirt. Long term benefits – create something awesome, lots of friends and an impressive CV that recruiters will notice.

Spreading the KDE love in India

The first ever KDE conference in India takes place this March. On March 9th, 2011, gearheads will descend to the RV College of Engineering for If you are interested in using or contributing to KDE, we look forward to meeting you there. There have been KDE contributors in India since the late 90s, but in recent years we have reached a more sizeable number. Contributors usually hang out on #kde-in, the KDE India IRC channel.