6: Time for a change

It’s been a month now since the semester is over, but when you are sitting in California, and visiting amazing places on weekends, writing blog posts isn’t the highest priority :) But the 6th semester deserves 10 blog posts and atleast one is mandated. 6 not only had a personal highs, but in general wrought a lot of changes. I’ve begun taking a lot of pictures this semester. I always thought it was stupid of people to shoot images like crazy, but it turns out that photos are a very good way to trigger memories about past events.

Semester 5

Its been ages since I’ve got a post up, but I have my excuses. I have been working on a static site for myself, self-hosted and with my own domain name. I thought I would only resume blogging once that was done, but it is going to take some more time. Now with December a week old, it is time for my customary brain dump about the entire semester. In many ways these posts are highlights of the semester according to me.

This semester was... LEGEN-wait for it-DARY

It's been a week since the summer holidays, and that means another semester is behind me. Reflecting on the past two years of engineering, I would say that this semester has been the best 6 months of my life ever. I have changed (read: improved) in a hell of a lot of ways. I also dumped some of my inclination to always plan out the day and introduced some spontaniety.


When you don't post for a long time, it usually means you have nothing interesting to do. But for me it usually means that I have a lot of things to do. And the last month have been horrible in terms of free time. We had a really great one day trip to Diu, but from then on, it was all underhill :) You might want to check out the Synapse website which was crafted from scratch with a little help from these guys.

Great Weekend

So my second weekend in this place went pretty great. Now that I've found the right computer which easily boots from external devices I'm ready to slowly begin coding. On saturday five of us saw Ugly and Pagli — crappy movie — but I got my first pair of studs. Its been raining a lot for the last three days here. It starts at around 7 and goes on till late into the night, which means a lot of fun football (I've discovered that playing barefoot is better than playing with normal shoes), but being cooped up in the rooms afterwards.

A bit of improvement

I'm in the institute lab right now, booting from a pen drive (Slax). But tomorrow I'll get my external HDD and plug it in and try to be productive. These labs are only meant for 'academics' which means there are caps on downloads, so I can't even download firefox without it being interrupted. Also we haven't got our IDs yet, so this connection is thanks to a senior who was kind enough to let me use his account.

Still no computer

So the second time I'm in a cyber cafe. In certain respects private universities aren't much better than public ones. We still haven't got ID cards, which means no net/linux access. Which means no coding too. Other than that its been pretty good, playing football and table tennis. But a bit tiring too. Its been raining a lot today, which means there isn't much to do. We had the first couple of lectures today, but nothing new was taught.


Well, I'm here, or I've been here for 5 days now. Since we haven't got ID cards yet, there is no computer access, so I'm writing this from a cyber cafe. The last few days have been a bit boring. With no studies, playing and reading seem to be the only things you can do in 24 HOURS!. I haven't written any code in days, but I have managed to read Hutton's Haskell book, which is really good.

Graffiti and more

It turns out parsing CSS according to specifications is no mean feat. So I am going to stall that for a moment, or implement a bare bones parser specifically written for Graffiti, and just plow along with Graffiti and doing what I can do, properly. Maybe later ( read quite a few months ) I'll write a nice SAC compliant CSS parser and hook it into Graffiti. Whatever I want to do, things aren't going to be moving fast.

DA-IICT decision

Today I'm leaving for Gandhinagar, to take a look around the DA-IICT campus and if seats are available, get in. Hoping I will, it has a great campus and faculty and, in a way, Gandhinagar is pretty close to home.