I'm scared for the Internet

(This article was written for Entelechy Edition 33 (February 2012). The news is slightly old, but posted here so I have a public permalink to the article) When the Internet began over 30 odd years ago, it was an ideal of democracy. Born in universities, where only meritrocracy ruled, it was used by hackers whose ideals were very egalitarian. In its very protocols, the Internet encodes equality. No piece of data is considered more important or more dangerous than any other.

BITSAT bitsad

I gave BITSAT today, and got a score of 304/450. Considering the cutoffs for the previous year, I might not get CS, unless everybody finds the exam tougher. With that done, I'm free, free for around 15 days after which all the results will start coming in. Oddly I'm still not out of the exam mindset.