Why Golang is great for network services

I’ve been using Go professionally for over a year now. While I’m not a fan of every decision made by the language, I will admit that Go gets a lot of things right for one segment of the industry - network daemons and similar systems software. Google’s ethos are engineering solid and reliable services at scale; various design decisions make Go well suited for this. Go favors composition at multiple levels.

If Programming Languages were Lego...

Assembly would be a huge set of 1x1 blocks. You could do everything other blocks could do, and more, but it took a lot of time and planning to put them all together the right way.C would be 1x1 with a few 2x1 and 4x1 thrown in for convenience.C++ would be just like C, but there would be all these new highly specific pieces which would only be used by a few people.

Why factor is cool

Before beginning, I must admit I haven't messed with Factor for a couple of weeks now, nor do I contribute to it, I'm a Factor n00b. Please contradict peacefully. Of course there are the usual reasons that it is open source, most of the standard libraries are in Factor itself, and that it has a really cool development environment. But almost every popular language these days has all that stuff.

Most programmers are atheists

If this survey represents a signifact portion of them. Of course these are the programmers who are involved on the web, not much of all the zombies coding for the sake of it.

Wanna learn a language. Try Mango

I learnt through Lifehacker about new site Mango which aims to make language learning free, quick and easy. So I just played around with it for a few minutes and it seems to be really good. The first thing I really liked was the password less login. You basically just register with your email id and use that as the login. It's really annoying when a site which doesn't hold any of your private information requires a password.