He stole the words out of my mouth :)

CamenDesign: A List Of People Who Need To Stop Writing Software I'd also add Creative Nero, Adobe PDF Reader and Falcon. Half of "Windows Pain" comes from the crummy applications sitting on top of it.

Its Software for God's sake

I am so sick of magazine and newspaper technical writers thinking that the plural of software is softwares. Who hired them? If I see softwares one more time I'm going to get hontsblastophobia ( /haunts-blast-o-phobia/, noun: fear of HOw Non TechieS use Bad LAnguage when Speaking Techie - o - phobia. Remember, you heard this here first)

Colourcode 0.2 released

ColourCode 0.2 has been released. In addition to the features mentioned in the previous post it now supports C# and Shellscript and Javascript. Check it out at the ColourCode homepage


I have decided to take a break from creating software to learning some new things for a few days. So I have started learning Ruby, advanced JavaScript which I didn't know before, especially DOM scripting and Ajax. And I am also reading Beginning Algorithms which is a really good book for an introduction to algorithms in a easy to understand concrete way. That said I am starting to like Ruby and feel the same enjoyment that is felt when coding in Python.