A poor man's Notational Velocity on Linux

I use Notational Velocity on my Mac all the time. It holds all my notes, lists and any other snippet of text. I love the interface and simplicity, and most of all I love the simple use of text files in Dropbox as a store. This way I can access my notes anywhere, without needing NV to be installed. I also love the global key binding feature so that I can quickly raise it with Cmd+Shift+N.

Toggling Proxy settings quickly with Pentadactyl and Firefox

If you use the excellent Pentadactyl plugin for Firefox to get vim super-powers to the browser, here is a quick and painless way to toggle between a direct connection to the internet or using the default proxy settings. Add this to your ~/.pentadactylrc command proxy -nargs=1 :set! network.proxy.type=<args> nmap up :proxy 1<CR> nmap np :proxy 0<CR>Now pressing up (Use Proxy) will enable Manual Proxy Settings while pressing np (No Proxy) will use Direct Connection.


Inspired by The Setup and Pratul’s post, here is how I ‘get my work done’. Hardware I currently use a four-core i7 15" Macbook Pro with 8GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD. I love it. For backups I have a Western Digital 160GB hard drive. I use cheap Skullcandy earphones when I need them (I usually prefer speakers). Operating System I used to be on Arch Linux until I got the MBP.

tmux and vim configuration

I’ve now been on tmux for quite a few months since migrating from screen. aterm + tmux + zsh + vim makes a super command-line combination. But there can be certain issues with the key bindings with vim. Since moving to tmux I’ve avoided using vim tabs since I couldn’t figure out the right key bindings to switch them using C-PgUp and C-PgDn when in tmux. But today with a little help on #tmux and kerneltrap I finally got things working.