My Blog is gone

Posted on Sep 29, 2006
For some reason my blog on is gone, along with my posts. So this is my new blogspace.

So I haven't posted in a really, really long time. This is because I have been busy and never got much interested in posting what I was up to. So anyway in programming my newest game is on the path to completion. Its written in Python/Pygame and is a puzzle where you arrange various mirrors to guide a photon of light from the emitter to the reciever. Right now I am facing some drag problems, but they should be smoothed out and the game should be ready in a few weeks. I have been reading two new books, 'Discrete Mathematics' and 'Maths and Physics for Programmers', the later being really good.
On a sidenote Akademy 2006 is in full swing in Dublin and I am once again unhappy that I couldn't be there.
The non computer-related part of my life is going on just fine. I am totally loving 11th standard, the subjects are much more interesting than they used to before, and the sheer exhilaration you get from solving a particularly difficult problem is just awesome!