Stupid people doing Stupid things

Posted on Nov 30, 2006
Everyone living in India must have heard about Dalits in Maharashtra causing a lot of trouble and damage to its citizens and property. Apparently a desecration of the late Dr Baba Ambedkar's statue in Kanpur has sparked of the violence. Since yesterday they have been making Mumbai's suburbs close down, breaking windows of shops and vehicles and generally harassing people. But violence escalated to new hieghts some time ago with the torching of two trains, one a mumbai local and the other the Deccan Queen, a link between Mumbai-Pune. I marvel at the idiocy and illiteracy of the people who are reduced to such low levels. I mean, if someone annoyed you by damaging your leader's statue why don't you crappy people just find that guy and kill HIM. And that guy's not even in Maharashtra. If you do not have the basic civic sense to not hurt other people, if you are so stupid that you do not know tolerance and non violence, if you fail to understand the value of money and time, don't go about begging for reservations in IITs and other institutions, you are not worthy of them. I wish I could get my hands on one of you and strangle you. And cut the crap, its about time the issue died down.
I don't use ultra profane words or you would have a shit load of them here.