ColourCode: New ideas and old improvements

Posted on Jul 6, 2007
Now that TetraBlocks is done, its time to start working on the latest and greatest ColourCode release ever. Though the next version should be called 0.3, I might bump it up a few notches if everything works out as planned.

One of the major things I've been planning is to implement the Language Descriptors in Ruby itself rather than text files or XML. This would allow them to be more context sensitive and basically do more stuff to improve highlighting. For now this is just a vision, and I haven't really got around to even scribbling exactly what it's going to be.

Other improvements include:
  • Support for highlighting multiple files at once, or a complete directory
  • Using the optparse module to parse command line arguments
  • Decoupling of the actual highlighting code and the interface code so that ColourCode can be used as a library
  • Change the colour map from CSS to a format independent one
  • HTML line numbers are generated using an ordered list.
  • Add support for more languages.