ColourCode: Some thoughts about the future

Posted on Aug 9, 2007
Before I write about the possible future of ColourCode, let me get a few things out of the way. First today I fixed an extensionless file bug, and you can now force languages in ColourCode.

Now that thats out of the way, I was just thinking about how much interest I still have in ColourCode. I mean writing it was a lot of fun and gave me some new insights into design but I don't feel the same interest I had in parsing and analysing language files, that I had when I began ColourCode. Then it was a new challenge, now its really piling up and intruding in other plans I have. Also I am now officially in the 12th standard, which in India means a really tough exam at the end of the year, and a hundred other entrance tests. My computer time has dropped to just 1.5 hours a day, not enough to do everything. So this version of ColourCode will be the last for a long time ( atleast till the end of March ). I will continue fixing any bugs found, but there will be no new features. So please forgive me.

Thanks a lot for being a user of ColourCode, and check out my other projects.