Posted on Jul 30, 2007

Language support

ColourCode now has support for C# and Javascript, completing support for the original language set. I'l be adding Perl and HTML soon enough.


On the C based languages front there is a small logic error in the multiline comment system. I am currently trying to iron it out.

Snippet feature dropped

I've decided to drop the snippet feature since its not universal (doesn't make sense in PDF) and since CSS is now dynamically generated, giving the CSS data to the user and having him embed it will be quite annoying. So you can ofcourse embed the file in your HTML since its valid. You'll just need to remove the DOCTYPE declaration and the head section, move the style to your head and remove the end body and html tags. But its best if you just use the pages by themselves, perhaps linking to them.

Note: Nightly builds are now updated everyday at the homepage. So you can always check out the developments yourself.