Posted on May 10, 2007
...or why I never maintain my old programs much.

The reason I create some software, fix a few bugs, do a few minor version upgrades and then let it be, until someone really needs something is because, well, I like to do a lot of different projects in different fields. Now it so happens that I am still in school, now going to standard 12, which in India means bad. So I get just about 2 hours a day on the computer. Which means that any project takes atleast two months to complete. If I ever want to complete my Todo list then I have no choice but to abandon older ones, or return to them after quite a few months. That is why ColourCode 0.3 is on hold. So sorry users of my software. But if you really want upgrades, you may send me a million emails, and then I will do it, or just hack the code yourself, its open source.

I will try my best to take up maintenance of all of it as soon as this year is over.