Earth Is Dying... Unfortunately no one cares

Posted on Apr 2, 2007
Even with all the media buzz about global warming and related destruction by 2050 not much is actually being done about it. The main problem in my opinion is that of people. It is mainly news media which covers such issues. Unfortunately most of the world doesn't pay attention to this. The core problem with most people's lack of awareness is
  • Lack of information due to illiteracy.
  • No priority to the environment due to poverty or simple lacking morality.
  • Lack of action because most people, including educated ones rarely ever pay attention to the problems of the world. Most people are highly self concerned, stuck-in-their-daily-lives kind of people, who don't give even a penny towards the greater problems facing humanity.
  • Teenagers who lack awareness due to their sucked up lives of being cool and wasting their lives. The kind which are quite omnipresent in the west and slowly emerging the east. The ones whose only thought is destruction, and complete lack of appreciation to life and society. Its about time we stopped being lenient to them. If the majority of tomorrow's generation turns up bad then its another generation of repeated mistakes. And last time I checked, we might not have time for another generation.
Without more people, people like you and me actually trying to make a difference, no amount of money and new scientific technologies can prevent the slide down the well. For too long has mankind waited until the last possible moment and then searched for a cure. We keep pushing things ahead. There is still a chance to get us, and future generations out of this mess.
Ask yourself that even if we find a way of this planet before we die, is it right to leave after making a mess of one world, to go to another to do the same?

To educate more people about the hazards, atleast the kind of people referred to in the third point above, the following methods should be adopted:
  • Force ALL TV channels to carry environmental protection advertisements say once every half an hour. Preferably these ads should not be blockable.
  • Bring environmental education to school. The sooner it becomes a part of children's lives the better. And SHOW graphic images. Western society is sheltered in the belief that such images can cause bad effects on children, but shown in the right way these may just be the shock people need.
  • The usual implement strict laws, blah blah blah chronicled elsewhere, which I won't mention here.

PS. I know this has no relation to technology. Its just that I also sometimes write about things I feel strongly about.