Game Of Life:LOGIN

Posted on Jan 25, 2007
I am proud to present my latest creation LOGIN or NIkhil's Game Of Life, my very own Conway's Game of Life simulator. Written in C++ using SDL. I wrote it mainly to learn SDL and because I truely enjoy life. Currently it only runs on Linux. Read the README file in the package for instructions on installation and usage.

Here is a nice pic of part of a r-pentomino cycle for your enjoyment:

Generation count in the titlebar
On the fly change in generation delay

It follows original Life rules and there is no support for reading or writing Life files.


LOGIN runs in 2 modes. One is when the program is running but the game is not. In this state you can do the following.
  • Use the mouse to activate/deactivate cells
  • Press 'r' to generate a random fill
  • Press 'c' to clear and reset the game
  • Press 's' to start the game.
When the game is running you can only do two things
  • Press 's' to stop it again
  • Press '-' to increase the speed by 10ms (you cannot go faster than 10ms per generation)
  • Press '+' to decrease the speed by 10ms (there is no limit to how slow you can go)
Note that + and - unfortunately do not work continuosly on holding them. The reason they seem contradictory is that well they control the delay. So '+' increases the delay and decreases the speed :)