The Ozone Fix: Great Idea, No?

Posted on Jan 11, 2007
I've got a possibly great idea about fixing the ozone depletion problem. If it is truly good, then someone please implement it. If it just plain sucks, you may make your feelings known in the comments. Without further ado, here it goes.

The Antarctic Ozone Hole is the biggest known depletion of ozone. There are also many other spots around the world. My idea goes this way.
1)Less ozone means more Sun.
2) Sun == Free Energy
3) Energy can be used for creation.
Put up solar panels and a ozone creation plant at sites with low ozone. They use the sunlight to generate power which the plant uses to generate ozone and use some kind of system to send it up where it belongs. As the ozone goes on increasing the power decreases, but thats fine because we are going to need less of ozone. Ofcourse some external power would be required in the end to complete the process.

Now I have not evaluated the costs and the time period(~50 years should do it right?) but as the cliché phrase goes, better late than never.