Pixelframe feedback and what next

Posted on May 10, 2007
Some folks at YoungCoders gave me some feedback about Pixelframe. One big criticism was that the client doesn't work without javascript. So for One dot One Pixelframe will have the following changes over One dot Oh:
  • Client will work even with Javascript disabled, using static links
  • Different loading images for admin and client, to suit the theme
  • Default theme has the thumbnail bar moved to the left. This is better for usability. Also the theme is a bit darker.
The IE6 max-width problem still remains, and I will not waste time fixing it, if anybody has a patch please send it to me.

So now Pixelframe is done. What next? Well I have already started planning an Tetris clone called TetraBlocks. It will be written in C++ and SDL. Here, have a tetramino.