This Week in my life

Posted on Feb 10, 2007
Since I don't blog often, I have decided to blog every Saturday or Sunday about any interesting stuff that (happened to me)/(i tried) in the week.

So getting started with the wide world of the web:

Ma.gnolia as quite a number of people must already be knowing is a social bookmarking site just like
Since I have been a user for a long time, I never really tried ma.gnolia. But yesterday I took the plunge and signed up because it seems to have more features, and more tools to find good links. So for a week I am going to use Ma.gnolia instead of and see which is better

Bad, Bad Me.dium
2 weeks ago I sent in my email for a beta invite to Me.dium. Today I got the invite link. I was asked to install the plugin and register. And then the worst thing. Me.dium tells me I have to be over 18 to use it. Now how bad is that. Me.dium has a really well designed site and nifty tips. But the least they could do was tell me in bold that I had to be over 18, when I submitted my email. Its really annoying to be expecting something amazing and be denied at the last moment.

I decided to finally learn a bit of LaTeX and have some fun with it. So I installed Kile and downloaded The not so short introduction to LaTeX2e

That ends the first issue of tWiML.