To IE or not to IE

Posted on Apr 26, 2007
Before I begin
Statuatory Warning: The below scenes may be disturbing

Pixelframe was once upon a time chugging along just fine and I was ready for a release about the 15th of April. Then along came the world's Favourite Browser and my life ( atleast the Pixelframe dedicated process ) has become worth dropping to /dev/null. I am sogoogol sick of Internet Explorer. It took me one week to get the client working. The client has only 4 user generated actions.Now it seems like it will be two weeks to get Settings to work. Maybe I should just release Pixelframe and fix the IE bugs in a maintenance release. After all no webmaster worth his salt uses IE.

Here's the problem:
EVERY action triggers some error, if I am lucky only one, normally a dozen, due to some unsupported or badly implemented property. But it would have been fine in any decent browser. In IE it means doing the following
  1. Click on the Yes button for 'Do you want to debug?...'.
  2. Say which debugger you want even when their is only one.
  3. Kill the Microsoft Frontpage installer.
  4. In the debugger again select a debugger, when the only option is script debugger.
  5. See what the problem is and click break.
  6. Quit and again say Yes to are you sure you want to quit.
  7. Rinse and Repeat for every error.
As you can see this will slowly push any web developer of the edge. Which means I spend barely half an hour on making it to work on Internet Explorer. More than that and you will find me in the cuckoo pot. These things make me wonder if its worth writing a web application if the world's most used browser won't even support it properly.

I need a good dose of antidepressant with a dash of music...