Graffiti and more

Posted on Jul 14, 2008
It turns out parsing CSS according to specifications is no mean feat. So I am going to stall that for a moment, or implement a bare bones parser specifically written for Graffiti, and just plow along with Graffiti and doing what I can do, properly.

Maybe later ( read quite a few months ) I'll write a nice SAC compliant CSS parser and hook it into Graffiti.

Whatever I want to do, things aren't going to be moving fast. On Sunday I'm leaving for university ( DA-IICT ) and that involves a lot of pre-leaving things to do. And the week after that will go in getting settled there and taking a look at the computing facilities. I'll probably be taking a external HDD with all my files and I might just do a blind copy of this hard disk itself so I can boot Arch their if it is allowed.