Great Weekend

Posted on Aug 4, 2008
So my second weekend in this place went pretty great. Now that I've found the right computer which easily boots from external devices I'm ready to slowly begin coding. On saturday five of us saw Ugly and Pagli — crappy movie — but I got my first pair of studs. Its been raining a lot for the last three days here. It starts at around 7 and goes on till late into the night, which means a lot of fun football (I've discovered that playing barefoot is better than playing with normal shoes), but being cooped up in the rooms afterwards.

I also made some headway into How To Design Programs which is a really great book, and read almost all of Joel On Software (the book) which is entertaining to say the least.

So right now I'm sitting here after attending a particularly boring calculus lecture. I haven't had a bath because there was no water, and I'm reading a boring story as part of the assignment for Communication Skills.

Right now I'm replanning Graffiti since I wiped it out a few weeks ago. I've also been messing around with Scheme, but can't think of what application to write to dig deeper into it.