OOXML: The public doesn't care

Posted on Apr 15, 2008
The past few months, the web has been buzzing with criticisms of OOXML. Every geek with some unbiased and proper understanding is against OOXML. Now the International Suckups Organisation has ratified it as a standard, which means people will most certainly use it if the decision isn't revoked in a few months. The thing is that for all the non geeks Microsoft is this demi-God and if it makes a standard they are going to use it. They don't care how bad it is, how long it is, or how it was standardized in a corrupt manner. They will just squeak along "Ooh! its by Microsoft, lets use it."
Now what the community should be doing is to spread FUD about Microsoft the way it does about us. Unfortunately, we know to stick with the ethics of the industry/world. Fortunately we atleast aren't losing our decency to make money or acheive world domination.

Slashdot, ISO calls for OOXML ceasefire. This reminds me of the HD-DVD key fiasco on Digg, they are just telling people to start screaming.