Day 1

Posted on Dec 6, 2009
( This series of posts was published on 6th Dec 2009, but written almost daily )
Today was the first day of and although getting to the place was a bit of a hassle due to everything new, I did get there on time. A great opening by Atul Chitnis formally started Chana masala was the first thing on my mind after that since I hadn't eaten in hours. After that I finally met some KDE guys, Kartik Mistry, Pradeepto and Shantanu, Santosh, Madhusudan and more. So we spent the next 4 hours at the KDE booth setting up flyers, stickers and other schwag to get people into KDE ( yes we at KDE bribe people to contribute :p ). So I have three KDE badges and one sticker on my entry pass.

Incidentally the release of Qt 4.6.0 coincided with day 1 of With so many KDE guys around I decided it was time to rebuild kde trunk from scratch after almost two months. Behold the power of git daemon, I just copied qt-kde and ready to go.

I finally took some time off and attended Ramkumar's Haskell talk. The guy really knows his functional programming !

Dimitris Glezos was the first keynote speaker, he talked about building a disruptive open source project and sticking to the goal.

( Which reminds me, I should get someone to list my name in the speakers when all the PotD's get their slides attached )