KWin tiling progress

Posted on Jul 28, 2009
Between yesterday and today I made quite a lot of changes in kwin-tiling. Layouts now have a superclass which manages certain things. Each desktop now has its own layout. The root tile is no longer stored directly by the workspace, instead the workspace stores layouts for each desktop. For now each desktop has the Spiral layout, but it should be possible to dynamically change layouts for each desktop a few weeks down the line. Right now the plan is to fix certain layout issues ( such as spiral not understanding when a window is removed and adjusting the next one properly ).

The other major change is that cross virtual desktop moving is now supported. This was a major problem when it first arose, but once the first change was implemented, it was simply a matter of removing a tile from the old desktop and adding it to the new desktop.

There is no screenshot because none of these changes can be shown in a static image. But you can always try using the branch!

In other news I'm back in college. The third semester began yesterday, which means development time is now seriously down. I hacked on a (cool?) tool in the last two weeks, and I'll be announcing that soon. I'm also planning to add my blog to PlanetKDE.