May updates

Posted on May 17, 2009
I'm home! Till almost the end of July I'll be @ home. Which means a better internet connection at the very least :p

So I've been swimming and learning to drive! Driving is fun, I've finished five days out of the 22 and I've managed not to hit anyone or anything.

In programming, I'm working on a game using Canvas for the CodeChef game contest. You can track its progress on github.

Also I've been doing some C socket programming, mainly doing segmented multithreaded HTTP downloads. Right now all the code is prototype, but someday it will be a decent download manager.

I'm also working on implementing tiling in KWin along with Martin Graesslin, my mentor. Right now there isn't much real progress apart from a KWin branch which maximizes every window you open.

And yesterday I got a copy of Real World Haskell. Yay!