Introducing Mugshot

Posted on Dec 15, 2010

There is a certain fun in hacks, little projects you do on a whim and finish in a few days. And then you go and buy a domain for it and launch it. That's Mugshot.

Mugshot is a web service which offers face-detection. It uses the libface library which was implemented mainly as a Google Summer of Code project for KDE. So one day I was thinking that services like Facebook and Flickr allow you to upload images and then tag them. But why not let the faces be detected automatically. So I hacked out Mugshot. It doesn't wrap the entire libface api for node.js, but only one function to detect the faces. Further details can be found on the website, including the documentation.

At the moment libface can stumble on some faces, but when it works, the results can be quite interesting! That image is by Pierre Tourigny and is under the Creative Commons Share-alike Attribution license. Its used to avoid uploading any real faces.

Are there plans to add recognition support and other advanced services? I don't know, maybe if I have a whim. Meanwhile, go fork it.

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