Knocked out of Node Knockout

Posted on Aug 29, 2010

(This is one of those you-don’t-really-have-to-read-it kind of posts)

I was very excited about Node Knockout. I had a great idea for an IRC bouncer + websocket based client called Ircsome using node, qooxdoo and a couple of other things.

I knew that I would only get 24 hours since Sunday had higher priority events, but I believed I could get the basic app working in 24 hours. Until things went downhill from last week. First my brand new shoes tore, and since Adidas has an idiotic replacement policy (even in their centralised, computer based inventory systems) where-in you’ve to go to the same store you bought it from, I lost about 3 hours of my time at home ( although I managed to pick up Erlang Programming. Then in the train home, I rebooted my cell phone and my SIM card just gave, it refused to work. There went my internet connection, no frequent push-pulls. Still I managed to get the client and server atleast talking to each other and logging onto IRC when the user filled in the details in the browser. I pushed out the changes over my home connection, and the push to Joyent succeeded, yet my server didn’t seem to be running, atleast my home internet configuration couldn’t manage to connect to it on any of the expected ports (even though push to the same server worked). By this time I was really annoyed, and had to sleep to, so I stopped. Knockout!

I plan to continue on Ircsome though, so I can deploy my own home brewed bouncer on my (coming soon) VPS and access IRC and logs from anywhere. Qooxdoo is a pretty great toolkit, but lacking certain kinds of documentation and being very heavy in size. Its almost like Qt, though I dislike the Java getter naming convention.

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