Success! Google Summer Of Code

Posted on Apr 27, 2010
Well after all the micro-blogging at night and the IRC chat, and writing an exam, here is a really good post!

The proposal is Amarok and KDE UPnP Integration. I'll be working with mentor Bart Cerneels. This news was awesome! Last year I didn't get in for kwin-tiling, but I participated in Season of KDE and did a few other contributions all year and it paid off. This year I started of quite early and worked hard on the proposal. When the ideas list went up, Amarok UPnP integration seemed the most interesting to me. Since then I was in talks with Bart and started a discussion on the Amarok mailing list, that much to my surprise, was very responsive :-)

Now with the result out of the way, its time to start working as soon as my final exams get over this week. This will involve choosing a UPnP library and daemon for device discovery. The next step is to implement a KIO slave which can browse UPnP media servers like any other folder. The final thing will be to write an Amarok Collection which can index music on UPnP servers on the network. This involves filtering and sorting and also making the server play music when in the playlist :-), can't forget that. So its going to be a very eventful 3 months, with lots of commits, a T-shirt and lets not forget the money. Right now I'm waiting for the invitation to the private mailing list.

It was great to hear some stats. KDE got 50 slots, 11 Indians got into KDE, and 3 from DA-IICT got into KDE. Which is awesome! Sai Dinesh will be working on getting mobile phones working nicely with KDE. Aditya Bhatt will be working on Digikam face recognition. Others I know are Varrun Ramani, working on Amarok too, implementing Distributed Collections. Vishesh Handa will be working on Nepomuk, and finally the one and only :) Shantanu Tushar on Gluon. Happy hacking everyone...