Nuphy Air75 Wireless Receiver does not work on Linux

Posted on Jan 3, 2023

I recently bought a Nuphy Air75 and ran into a weird issue on Linux.

The Air75 can be connected to the computer in 3 different ways:

  1. Wired
  2. Bluetooth
  3. USB Wireless Receiver (comes with the keyboard)

When I connected via wired or Bluetooth, the Fn key would correctly work. That is, F12 would map to F12 and Fn + F12 would increase the volume. 1 However, when I used the wireless receiver, the Fn key was never registered, and the keyboard would only send F12.

It seems for wired and Bluetooth, the kernel correctly loads the hid-apple driver, but for the Wireless Receiver it loads the hid-generic driver. The latter has no concept of the Fn key.

Any way, there is probably some complicated way to nicely ask the kernel to load hid-apple based on some USB vendor ID or something, but I’m not planning to dig into this further. I am just using it in wired or Bluetooth mode. I’m just writing this down because I couldn’t find anyone even describing the problem on the Interwebs. There are a lot of answers about using fnmode when using wired or Bluetooth. Nobody seems to have asked about the wireless receiver. Another fun tidbit is that all these new wave low-profile mechanical keyboards (Nuphy, Keychron, possibly others) seem to just identify themselves as an Apple Magic Keyboard when in their “Mac” mode.

  1. This behavior can be changed by changing the fnmode option in hid_apple↩︎