Akademy Day 5/6

Day 5 of Akademy was spent hacking too. Then I had a great meal at Plevna), Tamperelainen, which was mashed potatoes + lingonberry jam + Tampere’s famous blood sausages. Well it lived up to its expectations, the sausages were definitely good, but different. It was kind of like sabudana vada. Unfortunately Germany lost :( The final will still be a good watch though. Once again, I would like to raise my fictional hat to COSS and all the volunteers for the excellent organisation of this year’s Akademy.

Akademy Day 3/4

Akademy just keeps getting better and better, and this year's location couldn't have been more perfect. The Demola office, if it could be called that, is the perfect hackspace. Lots of tables strewn over the place, no partitions, sofas to relax on and even a retro arcade game! Yesterday and today and the rest of the week will be hackdays and BoFs, so there isn't really much to report. But at the end of today I just took a random walk across Tampere, and its a beautiful city as you can see.

Akademy Day 2

Today was the day of fluffy, hands down! Frederik Gladhorn gave a super lightning talk introducing his quite serious pet project Other than this I attended Lubos' performance talk, and Milian and Aleix's great KDevelop feature promo. I mean if Ctrl+Space can give a complete program, why am I even learning C++? :) In addition Casper gave a very nice talk about getting KDE to work on windows, and hats of to the KDE-Windows team for there efforts.

Akademy Day 1

Into the sea of existing akademy posts enters another one. Technically its my second day in Finland. I arrived on the 2nd with Pradeepto from mumbai. We met seele and Justin at Schiphol itself, while blauzahl and Mek were on the same flight! If that wasn’t enough, the bus from Helsinki to Tampere found aseigo and Hans Chen on it too, making it the Akademy bus. The Student House TOAS city is an awesome place to live in, with rooms just like in college, a bit better :)