Ambigram: Arctic Monkeys

One of my favourite bands. Just love Brianstorm and Fluorescent Adolescent. This was made in a really free flowing style, but it has some problems with the legibility, especiall the c in Arc.

Ambigram: Hoplite

I've been trying to improve the P for 5 days. Hoping someone can enlighten me... What is a Hoplite?

Ambigram: Nile

If I may say so myself, then this is what I call cool!

Ambigram: Magic is Might

Here's my newest ambigram based of the engraving on the statue in the Ministry of Magic. Its a bit jagged but I've been working on it for two days and thought that it's about time it went online. Harry Potter fans should note that this is merely artwork and that I'm in no way against Muggles and other races.

Ambigram Nazgul

Its a long time since I posted an Ambigram. Anyway here is Nazgul.

Ambigram Paranoia

Here it is, an ambigram after a Long... time. Its paranoia. And its brought to you by the all new Inkscape with Gaussian blur and more cool stuff. OOPS: When you rotate it the shadow's in the wrong direction :(

Ambigram Lucerne

An ambigram of 'Lucerne' in Switzerland, one of the best cities I have been to.

Ambigram Nikhil Marathe

This is my full name in a rotational ambigram. Its really cool how the k splits into a a and t on the other side. Needed a fair bit of work and could be made better. The only problem spot was the 'k' to 'at' part. The rest of my name is an extremely straight stroked typeface. I also liked the way the L and M joined gracefully with the extra bit acting like a serif for the M.

Ambigram Harry Potter

Harry Potter both ways. Directly rendered in Inkscape with no pre-planning.

Ambi Nikhil Revised

This is a way better version of my name, My friends said the K wasn't easy to read in the first and looked like nifkil, so this one is with the name split over two levels . This not only makes it readable it gives a tightness to the word, and doesn't leave excess whitespace

Ambigram Shreyas

Another friend, not the best ambigram, can be done loads better.

Ambigram Konqi

The KDE Mascot, good ain't it?

Ambigram Alok

Another friend. Sorry for the bad PNG quality somehow Inkscape's export isn't very good. Also the O is quite bad. Alok is a really hard name and the ambigram could really use some improvement.

Ambigram Nikhil

I realised that I had never posted about my own ambigram. This is one of my oldest, probably a year old, and can be made a lot better by using the calligraphy tool in Inkscape. But for now this will do.

KDE Ambigram

Here is a simple KDE ambigram I made in Inkscape. KDE is a perfect word for ambigramming. Not only is it a rotational ambigram, but a flip one too as well as a mirror ambigram. How cool is that!