Quick and dirty Instant Messaging with Redis

(Aside: Yes this is a post after a zillion years, but I have a few more lined up, and waiting for some important stuff in about a week) Redis is a wicked cool NoSQL database, in that storing stuff is not the only thing that it does. Mathias Meyer already has a collection of Redis use cases, but this great idea is mine. Like all good ideas it emerged in the shower :) ( I was not aware of Pieter Noordhuis' MUC when I did this, in either case mine deals with one-to-one IM )

GMail Notifier on an Arduino

The exams are over and I've been hacking a bit on the Arduino today. So I came up with a simple hack which blinks an LED on the Arduino if you've got unread mails in your Gmail inbox. I assume that you're familiar with the basics of Arduino. Equipment A computer with an internet connection Python pySerial Arduino ( I'm using Duemilanove ) Red LED Pushbutton (optional) Wires On the computer

Public thin clients

Another cool new idea, and this time it is seriously cool ( unlike this ), though it may not be feasible with today's technology and economics. So here it goes: Everybody has a cellphone these days, most of them support Internet access and they are pretty powerful in terms of processing power for most of the things anyone does on the web. But I for one hate browsing on that disgusting little screen and typing URLs on the keypad.

How cool is contextfree!

This is all it took: startshape sun rule sun { sq { } 36* { r 10 } sq { } } rule sq { SQUARE { hue 46 saturation 250 } sq { x 1 y 1 s 0.8 brightness 0.4 } } to make this:

Why factor is cool

Before beginning, I must admit I haven't messed with Factor for a couple of weeks now, nor do I contribute to it, I'm a Factor n00b. Please contradict peacefully. Of course there are the usual reasons that it is open source, most of the standard libraries are in Factor itself, and that it has a really cool development environment. But almost every popular language these days has all that stuff.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix from the heart

Just back from seeing the fifth movie, and I'm in such a state of euphoria, I am just gonna let my subconscious type this. Man its so awesomely, splendidly, really really great. The effects, the acting, the everything is so totally spectacular. Its short ofcourse, but they have managed to put in enough to satisfy those who have read the book. It's this really cool thing about all these epic stories, HP, LOTR, Star Wars, they so totally immerse you in their world, trapping you for a few hours in a place with no worries, make you forget about your routine life.

How cool is Alt + F2

I am always discovering new uses for the Run Command dialog of KDE. And now I learnt it can even do basic calculations, right there. Now if only it could handle scientific functions...