Saving the environment: Stop being so indifferent

This post is part of the Blog Action Day initiative. Since I'm a kid without much writing experience or points to contribute to saving the environment, I've just decided to concentrate on one of my pet peeves. In India, a new subject called Environmental Education was introduced 2 years ago. Unfortunately like all things in Indian education it is a theoretical, boring and booking subject on which we actually have to write an exam!

Earth Is Dying... Unfortunately no one cares

Even with all the media buzz about global warming and related destruction by 2050 not much is actually being done about it. The main problem in my opinion is that of people. It is mainly news media which covers such issues. Unfortunately most of the world doesn't pay attention to this. The core problem with most people's lack of awareness is Lack of information due to illiteracy.No priority to the environment due to poverty or simple lacking morality.

The Ozone Fix: Great Idea, No?

I've got a possibly great idea about fixing the ozone depletion problem. If it is truly good, then someone please implement it. If it just plain sucks, you may make your feelings known in the comments. Without further ado, here it goes. The Antarctic Ozone Hole is the biggest known depletion of ozone. There are also many other spots around the world. My idea goes this way. 1)Less ozone means more Sun.