ServiceWorker implementation status in Firefox

ServiceWorkers are a new web platform feature that allows sites to use JavaScript to provide a better offline experience, and eventually various other 'background service' capabilities. Jake Archibald has a good article on his blog explaining them further. I've been working on the Gecko implementation for a while now, helped by several other Mozillians and some of the first patches are now beginning to land on Nightly. Interest in trying out a build has been high within both Mozilla and outside.

Toggling Proxy settings quickly with Pentadactyl and Firefox

If you use the excellent Pentadactyl plugin for Firefox to get vim super-powers to the browser, here is a quick and painless way to toggle between a direct connection to the internet or using the default proxy settings. Add this to your ~/.pentadactylrc command proxy -nargs=1 :set! network.proxy.type=<args> nmap up :proxy 1<CR> nmap np :proxy 0<CR>Now pressing up (Use Proxy) will enable Manual Proxy Settings while pressing np (No Proxy) will use Direct Connection.

Firefox feature request

I love to hack URLs to navigate the web, especially for sites with clean urls. What I'd love is if Firefox could hack the address bar text field so that the slash '/' is the default word seperator, instead of the usual space. This way just pressing Shift + Left/Right Arrow would allow power users to quickly select clean url tokens and edit them faster. This could even be improved so that the ampersand '&' is also a tokenizer.

I like that

As found on IIT Bombay's Techfest On a side note, I SO NEED to be at BarCamp. Too bad I've got exams. Seriously next year I'm going to every damn festival.