The TT Incident

This incident is about those moments of pure magic that sometimes happen when two individuals have light bulbs go on in their head at the same instance based on a series of earlier shared experiences and context. No, not the soul mate sort. To convey the expression requires introducing you, the reader, to the back story. In essence this post is about me and Naman’s library adventures. It is a set of confessions which I hope will not get us kicked out of the library now that there is a change of guard.

A High-Five Experiment

Final exam time is always a time of stress for students. When you have 6 exams in 6 days, the time just before the exam is one of general apprehension and attempts at mentally revising all the key points. Everybody notices that in the glum looks students have walking into the exam hall. Fortunately, the fourth year in DA-IICT is pretty light, and due to a multitude of projects, me and Naman had only a couple of papers.

Notification madness

Planet, my slave went awry :( I terminated the processes, but is there a way to kill all the notifications at once.


A few years down the line, we will have little devices stuck on your cheeks monitoring facial expressions. And then they will tweet "nikhil is #laughing", "nikhil is #sad" and perhaps even "nikhil got #slapped" - The cult of microblogging...

Spectacular failure ( success? ) at IEEEXtreme

Solved 2/12 problems in the first set successfully. Tried to solve 2 more, but not accepted. Can't take the straight concentration anymore. I'm hungry, dropping the contest. This was more appropriate for twitter, but I don't have an account. :o

The end of e

After a long life of wandering and explaining a lot of things, e was trying to figure out what class of numbers to put himself in, then he realized he was transcendental and went to heaven. Unfortunately he got stuck in God's pie and died with the taste of lemon. R.I.P. e.

Koala Panda Annihilation

I Love LeftHandedToons because they create something like this. How cool is it!

The sky tore open...

Today it rained in Mumbai for almost 12 hours without a break. Ofcourse this time Mumbai was a bit lucky, it was a Saturday, most people were home. Of course there has been a powercut since 10am and its back now at 6:30pm. The cable reception is still bad, so I've no idea what pain and suffering Mumbai city went through ( or not ) but it was pure fun here, playing volleyball in the rain and what not.

Its Software for God's sake

I am so sick of magazine and newspaper technical writers thinking that the plural of software is softwares. Who hired them? If I see softwares one more time I'm going to get hontsblastophobia ( /haunts-blast-o-phobia/, noun: fear of HOw Non TechieS use Bad LAnguage when Speaking Techie - o - phobia. Remember, you heard this here first)

Linux preaches the Art Of Living

At Tuxme they have Sri Sri Ravi Shankar advocating his Art of Living movement. This is a whole new twist to the term 'contextual advertising'

How cool is Alt + F2

I am always discovering new uses for the Run Command dialog of KDE. And now I learnt it can even do basic calculations, right there. Now if only it could handle scientific functions...

Game Of Life:LOGIN

I am proud to present my latest creation LOGIN or NIkhil's Game Of Life, my very own Conway's Game of Life simulator. Written in C++ using SDL. I wrote it mainly to learn SDL and because I truely enjoy life. Currently it only runs on Linux. Read the README file in the package for instructions on installation and usage. Here is a nice pic of part of a r-pentomino cycle for your enjoyment: