Final Evaluations results processed for Amarok and KDE UPnP Integration

Hi Nikhil Marathe, We have processed the evaluation for your project named Amarok and KDE UPnP Integration with KDE. Congratulations, from our data it seems that you have successfully passed the Final Evaluations. Please contact your mentor to discuss the results of your evaluation and to plan your goals and development plan for the rest of the program Greetings, The Google Open Source Programs Team Yay! Posted via email from nikhil's posterous

Whats up doc?

Pardon me for the excessively cliche title, I was short on time :P Its been a week now since college began, and already I feel the extreme busy-ness that occurs trying to squeeze every activity into 24 hours. The vacations were comparatively totally empty. The UPnP collection support in Amarok is concluding pretty well. Today I committed the fix that considerably shortens the amount of data transfer required over the network for subsequent queries once the local cache is relatively filled.

GSoC Week 4: Experimenting with Collections

I didn't write a post last week, and it looks really bad in my form completion :) but I didn't have any user visible updates at all. This week is much better. First the visual then the text. That's cover art fetched from the UPnP device when the Content Directory has it available! Other updates include smoother full and incremental scanning of the Collection. This is one area which needs a lot more improvement.

GSoC Week 2: Experimenting with Collections

Another week is already gone, and although it didn't see much progress feature wise, I've been working a lot on the project. Three days were spent on a nasty little hard to produce bug, one that would only occur 4 levels deep into the Content Directory, and not always in that case either. Finally with a lot of debug statements, many hours talking to Tuomo Penttinen of HUpnp we fixed a little bug in his library.

GSoC Week 1: Kioslave is shaping up

(This post was published on Friday, but I put in a wrong tag and I didn't get aggregated, so, republished) Although I've been hacking on my GSoC project for quite a while, doing little experiments and getting my mind around various factors involved, this week was my first official coding period, since that was what I had in my timeline. The first piece to implement is the kioslave to browse UPnP MediaServers.