A poor man's Notational Velocity on Linux

I use Notational Velocity on my Mac all the time. It holds all my notes, lists and any other snippet of text. I love the interface and simplicity, and most of all I love the simple use of text files in Dropbox as a store. This way I can access my notes anywhere, without needing NV to be installed. I also love the global key binding feature so that I can quickly raise it with Cmd+Shift+N.

QHttpServer: Web Apps in Qt

Qt is a great GUI toolkit, but it is also an entire C++ standard library waiting to be used for other tasks. In addition the network module is really powerful. I’ve been playing around with node.js for a while now, and realized that Qt’s default asynchronous nature maps over perfectly to create a event-based web server. To make things better, Ryan Dahl’s small and fast http-parser is freely available. So I just combined the two, and here is QHttpServer.

Quick and dirty Instant Messaging with Redis

(Aside: Yes this is a post after a zillion years, but I have a few more lined up, and waiting for some important stuff in about a week) Redis is a wicked cool NoSQL database, in that storing stuff is not the only thing that it does. Mathias Meyer already has a collection of Redis use cases, but this great idea is mine. Like all good ideas it emerged in the shower :) ( I was not aware of Pieter Noordhuis' MUC when I did this, in either case mine deals with one-to-one IM )

GMail Notifier on an Arduino

The exams are over and I've been hacking a bit on the Arduino today. So I came up with a simple hack which blinks an LED on the Arduino if you've got unread mails in your Gmail inbox. I assume that you're familiar with the basics of Arduino. Equipment A computer with an internet connection Python pySerial Arduino ( I'm using Duemilanove ) Red LED Pushbutton (optional) Wires On the computer

opensocial Last.fm recent tracks

After two days of OpenSocial hacking, here is my app, which fetches the users Recent tracks and displays it on the profile. Now since there is no way to directly fetch the last.fm username, I had to resort to asking the user. Also 1.0 although usable has a few errors which aren't handled smoothly. But they do not pose security risks. For now its in the sandbox, if you have access you can view it here Last.


Glowpad is a small Python/Pygame program to read in a file and generate a word/pattern with randomly coloured squares which morph to white. I basically wrote it after seeing the cool effect that appears at the end of one of the Sony ads(the robot one) where the same effect happens with the word feel. So I hacked this program in just half an hour. To run the program, extract it to any place on your computer.