Notification madness

Planet, my slave went awry :( I terminated the processes, but is there a way to kill all the notifications at once.


A few years down the line, we will have little devices stuck on your cheeks monitoring facial expressions. And then they will tweet "nikhil is #laughing", "nikhil is #sad" and perhaps even "nikhil got #slapped" - The cult of microblogging...

URL memory

I'd like to add a new member to spatial, visual and verbal memory groups. The new one is URL memory. URL Memory(n) - the arcane talent of unconsciously remembering all human readable URLS. Usually predominant among power users only.

Its Software for God's sake

I am so sick of magazine and newspaper technical writers thinking that the plural of software is softwares. Who hired them? If I see softwares one more time I'm going to get hontsblastophobia ( /haunts-blast-o-phobia/, noun: fear of HOw Non TechieS use Bad LAnguage when Speaking Techie - o - phobia. Remember, you heard this here first)

Linux preaches the Art Of Living

At Tuxme they have Sri Sri Ravi Shankar advocating his Art of Living movement. This is a whole new twist to the term 'contextual advertising'