Public thin clients

Another cool new idea, and this time it is seriously cool ( unlike this ), though it may not be feasible with today's technology and economics. So here it goes: Everybody has a cellphone these days, most of them support Internet access and they are pretty powerful in terms of processing power for most of the things anyone does on the web. But I for one hate browsing on that disgusting little screen and typing URLs on the keypad.

The Ozone Fix: Great Idea, No?

I've got a possibly great idea about fixing the ozone depletion problem. If it is truly good, then someone please implement it. If it just plain sucks, you may make your feelings known in the comments. Without further ado, here it goes. The Antarctic Ozone Hole is the biggest known depletion of ozone. There are also many other spots around the world. My idea goes this way. 1)Less ozone means more Sun.