KWin tiling progress

Between yesterday and today I made quite a lot of changes in kwin-tiling. Layouts now have a superclass which manages certain things. Each desktop now has its own layout. The root tile is no longer stored directly by the workspace, instead the workspace stores layouts for each desktop. For now each desktop has the Spiral layout, but it should be possible to dynamically change layouts for each desktop a few weeks down the line.

The little things screw up

I had this really weird bug in kwin for half a week. When you started resizing windows, all of them would start dancing about the screen. There would be little gaps between them and so on. And I couldn't figure out why. So today I finally tried comparing ( x + width ) and ( right ) of a window. Turns out they are always off by one. So to the QRect::right() documentation:

KWin tiling ratios and orientations...

... now with minimize support. KWin tiling has been proceeding forward at a steady rate. If you check out the latest revision, you will not only have a pretty stable experience, but will also get a design document for free. So orientation is horizontal and vertical, and ratio is how much space the left child gets. Using these two properties I expect to be able to do most layouts.

Nikhil meet Archlinux and KDE4

I've been home (Mumbai) this weekend and have been hacking away for the last two days to get Arch running on my external HDD, since I can't stand Mandriva anymore. The cool thing about Arch and Pacman is their flexibility. Following this guide I was able to install Arch from within my internal hdd arch, and have all the latest packages (including KDE 4.1). There was only one problem which wasn't mentioned.

KDE 4.0 out!

Well it isn't in the Arch Repos yet, but the release announcement and visual guide do make me drool :D. And its good they made the panel go all the way to the edge of the screen.

aseigo on KDE 4

Talking Bluntly Refreshing. That will shut up the pessimists.