New concept, old language. New language, old concept

So this is something I just bumped on while reading Monadic Parser Combinators. After reading a few pages I thought I should do this practically. Unconsciously I decided to use Python. I could very well have used Factor, since it is more functional. This led me to realise that I should take one thing at a time. Two new things at a time == frustration I'm already finding Factor pretty tough.

Wanna learn a language. Try Mango

I learnt through Lifehacker about new site Mango which aims to make language learning free, quick and easy. So I just played around with it for a few minutes and it seems to be really good. The first thing I really liked was the password less login. You basically just register with your email id and use that as the login. It's really annoying when a site which doesn't hold any of your private information requires a password.


I have decided to take a break from creating software to learning some new things for a few days. So I have started learning Ruby, advanced JavaScript which I didn't know before, especially DOM scripting and Ajax. And I am also reading Beginning Algorithms which is a really good book for an introduction to algorithms in a easy to understand concrete way. That said I am starting to like Ruby and feel the same enjoyment that is felt when coding in Python.