Installing node.js on the Raspberry Pi Archlinux

My Raspberry Pi arrived a few weeks ago and I had some problems with getting node.js to build on it. This post is specifically about building node.js from source on Archlinux. All activity and commands in this tutorial are run on the Raspberry Pi, either via SSH or physical keyboard. It is possible to cross-compile on your laptop/desktop for ARM, but I preferred not to in this case. Prerequisites Have the base-devel group installed, you should have a working gcc and friends, along with openssl and zlib.

Why I love open source

Someone who found my code interesting, can use it as a launchpad and take it ahead!

Introducing Mugshot

There is a certain fun in hacks, little projects you do on a whim and finish in a few days. And then you go and buy a domain for it and launch it. That's Mugshot. Mugshot is a web service which offers face-detection. It uses the libface library which was implemented mainly as a Google Summer of Code project for KDE. So one day I was thinking that services like Facebook and Flickr allow you to upload images and then tag them.

Knocked out of Node Knockout

(This is one of those you-don’t-really-have-to-read-it kind of posts) I was very excited about Node Knockout. I had a great idea for an IRC bouncer + websocket based client called Ircsome using node, qooxdoo and a couple of other things. I knew that I would only get 24 hours since Sunday had higher priority events, but I believed I could get the basic app working in 24 hours. Until things went downhill from last week.