Pixelframe: One dot One

Pixelframe 1.1 is out. Written in 1/2 an hour of flow. Get it at the Pixelframe Hompage

Pixelframe feedback and what next

Some folks at YoungCoders gave me some feedback about Pixelframe. One big criticism was that the client doesn't work without javascript. So for One dot One Pixelframe will have the following changes over One dot Oh: Client will work even with Javascript disabled, using static linksDifferent loading images for admin and client, to suit the themeDefault theme has the thumbnail bar moved to the left. This is better for usability.

Pixelframe: It is DONE!

Pixelframe is ready. You can grab it from http://22bits.exofire.net/browse/code/pixelframe . Please report bugs at the Issues page .

Pixelframe: Almost there

So after 3 weeks of development on getting it to work in Internet Explorer, Pixelframe is ready. Testing is almost complete and after wrapping up a few loose ends it will be released. Some of the things remaining are converting PNGs to GIFs since IE has a problem with displaying PNGs, handling an unforeseen theme error, and a few look-n-feel changes. You can check out the almost working version ( uploaded at the time of writing this post ) at http://22bits.

To IE or not to IE

Before I begin ------------------------------------------------- Statuatory Warning: The below scenes may be disturbing ------------------------------------------------- Pixelframe was once upon a time chugging along just fine and I was ready for a release about the 15th of April. Then along came the world's Favourite Browser and my life ( atleast the Pixelframe dedicated process ) has become worth dropping to /dev/null. I am sogoogol sick of Internet Explorer. It took me one week to get the client working.

Back in Business

I forgot to post, my computer's back for 2 days now and Pixelframe development is back on track. I have given up on the max-width property in IE, because no matter what expression() I use, it doesn't work. As for the settings page, the style isn't getting applied, but most of the Javascript errors are ironed out. ~2 days left for it to be ready. Need to start writing the themeing docs.

Scrap the Schedule

Pixelframe will not release on Sunday, nor will I be doing anything for 2-3 days. My motherboard decided to conk out today morning, so I all development has screeched to a halt till atleast Monday. Sorry.

Pixelframe: Getting Closer

Pixelframe is getting closer and closer to finishing, in fact if Internet Explorer stops hiccoughing every now and then it will release on Sunday. Right now I have uploaded version 0.9 since the feature set is complete, only two problems are left. Both unfortunately and logically are due to Internet Explorer IE refuses to show the settings page.There are problems in IE with respect to maximum width.As soon as these are solved Pixelframe will be released.

Pixelframe Preview

As Pixelframe is nearing completion I have uploaded a pre-alpha not as a download but as a demo. Most of the features are complete. The few remaining are sorting out bugs and writing some documentation. To see the demo with two galleries try these links http://22bits.exofire.net/demos/pixelframe/client/?album=Wallpapershttp://22bits.exofire.net/demos/pixelframe/client/?album=InkscapeIf you have comments about improvements, please post them below.

Introducing Pixelframe

In Trac(k)ing I mentioned the "secret project" I was working on. Well I have decided its time to let the world know what it is, even though its not finished yet. Its called Pixelframe. Pixelframe is meant to be a lightweight image gallery. It uses PHP for the backend and my custom javascript toolkit ( called Juice ) for frontend effects and ajax requests. Juice will also be released seperately once it is done.