Multiple improvements in KGet

* This is another GSoC related post, normal users please ignore it. Abstract ======== KGet is a versatile and user-friendly download manager for KDE. This project will add various features to KGet to improve its functionality and usability. These include semantic information via Nepomuk, support for digital signatures, better Metalink integration and good Plasma support. Personal details ================ Name: Nikhil Marathe Email Address: Freenode IRC Nick: nsm Location (City, Country and/or Time Zone): Mumbai, India ( GMT + 5:30 )

Proposal for Tiling support in KWin

*Note to my normal blog readers, this post may not be of interest to you Abstract: This project will add a tiling layout mode to KWin. Tiling window managers displays all windows on the desktop at once, side by side. This allows easy navigation and allows tasks shared across applications to be carried out effortlessly. Unfortunately it is usually presented as a power user option. This will be an attempt to make it more accessible to new users.