QHttpServer: Web Apps in Qt

Qt is a great GUI toolkit, but it is also an entire C++ standard library waiting to be used for other tasks. In addition the network module is really powerful. I’ve been playing around with node.js for a while now, and realized that Qt’s default asynchronous nature maps over perfectly to create a event-based web server. To make things better, Ryan Dahl’s small and fast http-parser is freely available. So I just combined the two, and here is QHttpServer.

Filtering QTreeView

While working on my newest project, I had a miserable time figuring out how to filter sub-items in QTreeView and its associated models (like in kopete/pidgin). The first thing to do is to use QSortFilterProxy as a middleman. The problem is that QSortFilterProxy will only search top level tree nodes. The way to implement custom filters is to subclass QSortFilterProxy and reimplement filterAcceptsRow(). But I couldn't figure out any way to quickly access sub elements using QModelIndex, nor could I find anything on the 'net.