Spectacular failure ( success? ) at IEEEXtreme

Solved 2/12 problems in the first set successfully. Tried to solve 2 more, but not accepted. Can't take the straight concentration anymore. I'm hungry, dropping the contest. This was more appropriate for twitter, but I don't have an account. :o

Graffiti: disaster

I Gitted Graffiti yesterday, and made an error in adding the files to version control, so I decided to undo the changes and because Git complained, I added -f. git rm graffiti -rf BOOM! Graffiti is gone. Except for the basic style parser which I was writing at that time, which was saved by Kate. I'm not blaming Git, just my stupidity. I usually don't version control as soon as I begin a project, since I like to get the structure right, without having really bad log comments.

He stole the words out of my mouth :)

CamenDesign: A List Of People Who Need To Stop Writing Software I'd also add Creative Nero, Adobe PDF Reader and Falcon. Half of "Windows Pain" comes from the crummy applications sitting on top of it.

URL memory

I'd like to add a new member to spatial, visual and verbal memory groups. The new one is URL memory. URL Memory(n) - the arcane talent of unconsciously remembering all human readable URLS. Usually predominant among power users only.

Eating with my hands

As far as I know there are only three styles of eating: hands, chopsticks, knives and forks (spoons are universal). And if you had to categorize what to eat with what, it would be Hands: most indian food, fast food Chopsticks: Oriental, South East, Asian, Japanese knives and forks: most of the western world So I find it pretty funny when people try to eat Indian breads which are flat and non porous with knives and forks.

The end of e

After a long life of wandering and explaining a lot of things, e was trying to figure out what class of numbers to put himself in, then he realized he was transcendental and went to heaven. Unfortunately he got stuck in God's pie and died with the taste of lemon. R.I.P. e.

USA: a light wave

At the risk of sounding really corny, the US is like a light wave, it interferes in the internal affairs of other countries, diffracts situations to its own needs and polarizes the world about every issue.

Qrappy Quotes 1

My Quote. When a boy calls a girl, he pays double, listening to the girl talk and talk, and the phone company charge and charge

PJ: Hunger

Q. Who do you call if you want to know more about Hunger? A. Domi. Because "Domi knows Hunger Helpline". (Dominoes Hunger Helpline) PS. Please don't hurt me. :p

Learning the hard way

I have come acrooss some rare occasions in programming in which the language/environment/common sense really wants you to learn after literally breaking you head. Thats what happened today in a javascript app I am doing (Shh! Its still a secret). For 2 days I have been trying to use everything I know to clean up a problem I was having with every node firing the event when only one should've been.